Computer Repair

Hardware Repair, PC Cleanups & More


I’ve been repairing computers for over 25 years. My primary goal has always been to be honest with customers. I don’t try to charge you for services you don’t need. And if the job isn’t worth it then I will be upfront with you.

Sometimes a job is a simple fix, sometimes it’s worth it, and sometimes it’s just not worth dumping more money into something that’s on it’s way out.

My Services:

Remote Support

Computer Upgrades

Hard Drive Replacements

Software Installation

Spyware Removal

Software Cleanup

Custom PC Builds


Network Installation

Router installation, wifi setup & MORE



I’ve setup networks of all sizes. From a one router setup, to multiple access point setups, vpns, ip cameras, etc.

My Services:

Router Setup (Both Business and Residental)

Access Point Setups

Wifi Device Setup

IP Camera Installation and Setup

Network Planning

VPN Setups


IP Cameras, SOftware, Video Review


Part of my job for the last 20 years has been retail security. I’ve setup and replaced a number of video surveillance  systems and cameras. I’m also good at reviewing surveillance footage regardless of the reason. From theft to too many smoke breaks.

My Services:

IP Camera Installation

NVR Setup

Video Review


Coding and Website Design

Website setup, simple coding



I’ll be honest this is not my strong suit. But I’ve done my share of website building, app design, custom script creation.

My Services:

Website Setup

Website Design & Alteration

Simple Script Creation

Script Customization