Useful information about HP DL 380 g7

Useful information about HP DL 380 g7

My virtualization server at home is an HP DL 380 generation 7. It has two Intel® Xeon® E564 (2.40ghz hexa-core processors) 96 GB of ram, and currently has 16 146GB drives in a raid 5 setup giving me a little over 2TB of space.

It currently has Windows Server 2016 Installed on it.

So here’s some information which I felt I should share on this computer. So that if by chance you come here via some google link searching issues with this machine maybe some of these things I’ve learned will help you. As I learn more I will update this post. In some cases with regards to issues I am trying to figure some out, with others it’s probably not with the time.


So here we go.

Operating Systems

  • As I have stated this machine is currently running Windows Server 2016. It runs fine on it without issues. When I received it there was Windows Server 2012 R2 on it, which worked fine as well. With tests it seems that anything windows work work great on this machine.
  • As far as the VMWare. I tried installing 6.5 on it and got a purple screen. When I looked it up it seemed like this was an issue. 6.0 I got the standard version to work fine. There’s a HP custom image and that seemed to fail for me.
  • With regards to linux. I got Proxmox hypervisor installed on it fine, same with Ubuntu, Centos, Debian


  • First off this thing seems to only like HP hardware. Anything else and you’re asking for trouble. I tried installing stuff from other companies this included hard drives and what ends up happening is the fans go nuts and instead of a nice quiet server you get a jet preparing for take off. This happen even when installing drives from an external sas that weren’t HP.
  • If you’re replacing or adding a bay be extra careful. There’s not alot of space to connect cables and tighten screws. I found it very easy to break something off the backplane.
  • With hyper-v virtual machines you have to turn off vmq (Virtual Machine Query) on the nic adapters. I had an issue where my virtual machines would lose their network connection all the time. I did this and it seems to have went away.

This is it for at least the time being. I’ll post more as I go along.

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