Software for cloning a hard disk

Software for cloning a hard disk

This is just a simple post that I figured I’d do one part committing things to memory another part sharing the info.

So over the weekend I had a hard drive that I needed to replace in a laptop. It was a 1 tb drive that was experiencing issues. Crystal Disk Info was saying the drive was bad. So I went through my pile and found the only drive I had was a 250gb drive, which was perfectly fine for me. Plus I only had 30gb of data on the drive.

So I used my default cloning program EaseUS Todo Backup Free which has always worked correctly for me. However of course that has always been on a drive that was smaller going to one of the same size or bigger. Well I started doing my clone of the drive and while at first it looked promising it ended up failing. Even when I clicked the box saying it was going to an ssd it failed.

So before deciding to just install the new drive and do a fresh install I decided to look around.

That was when I found AOMEI Backupper this is another free piece of software. Well I tried this program to do the same thing and sure enough it worked fine. Checked out the system afterward and everything is right as rain.

Now while I’m sure if I played around with EaseUS Backup I would have probably been able to get it going, but it was much simpler to find Aomei which worked without any issues.

So just thought I’d share.

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