Apps I use for fitness tracking

Apps I use for fitness tracking

So figured I’d post something a bit different. It’s been all about computer stuff lately. So I figured I’d share the apps I use to keep track of my fitness.

I use android so all these apps are in the google play store. If there are apple versions I have no clue.


Wile I’m not using this app at the moment I do use it regularly. It’s honestly my favorite app. Wendlerized is based on the workout program 5/3/1, which is a powerlifting routine. When you start the program up you enter all your record lifts and then it sets up the program for you. Now you do have to add some stuff. This routine includes just the 5/3/1 part and there are variations of the program. But you can add the variations easy enough. Then honestly you can just follow the program. There are some tweaks you can do in the settings as well. What I like about this app is that it’s free and there’s no ads or things you don’t need.

FitNotes – Gym Workout Log

This is my current workout application. There are no premade routines with this app. It’s honestly nothing more than a log and timer. But it does a great job. You can set whatever program you want into the app, set different lengths of times for each exercise, and then just enter what you are doing. It tells you when you’ve broken records even for different levels. So say if you lift 180 for 8 for the first time it counts that as a record. You lift 190 for 7 for the first time in the same workout and it will tell you that as well incase you’re pushing different rep schemes. Of course like Wendlerized there are no ads on this program either.

7 Minute Workout

This is a pretty new app to my collection, but I like it. It’s really for times I want to get my heart rate up. Like the name says it’s a 7 minute workout that will have you doing jumping jacks, push ups, squats, etc. with 10 seconds of rest in between. You can tweak some of the settings, but why would you do that? Unless you’re wanting to make it harder. You can even have it repeat. If you got a death wish try 3 sets of these and you’ll be toast. There’s once again no ads on this.

Intervaly 2.0 – Interval Timer, No Ads!

I don’t think I need to mention the no ads part do it? Ok I did. This is my go to interval timer. You can set up multiple timers based on whatever your doing. Then start it up and it will tell you when to go and when you stop. All with beeps so you know when you’re getting close to a start or stop time.

Google Fit – Fitness Tracking

This app comes installed on most android phones to my understanding. It allows you to track pretty much everything. If you walk with your phone it tracks how long you walked, which is good when you walk alot in your job, you can also enter workouts, weight, set goals, etc.

Simply Being Guided Meditation

Ok here’s where I go off the deep end. I like to take 15 minutes a day and zone out. And I’ve used this app for a while now. At first I kind of needed it. But now I barely hear anything the lady is saying other than it’s time to come back to reality. Now I know this is a paid app, but it was a ok buy for me. It’s a very simple app that just does what it’s supposed to. You can change the time, music, volume, etc.

And that’s it for the moment. I’ve used a bunch of other apps in the past, but for now these are my go tos. However if I add more I’ll update this post in the future.

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