Patch My PC Scheduled Task

Patch My PC Scheduled Task

This Program has recently had an update that makes the process I posted here obsolete. So I decided to redo the post with the new instructions.


One of the programs I love is Patch My PC. First off alot of the programs I use can be updated by it. Secondly updating with it is easy. It’s pretty much open the and click update.

However when you have to maintain a bunch of computers, all on different networks, locations, etc. It can be a pain to update all the computers.


Well the original post had a solution of creating a batch script that would force the update, but now it’s much simpler.

First just open the Patch My PC program. Might be good to store this somewhere other than the downloads folder.

You’ll see the scheduler button on the main screen. Just click it and you’ll be brought to the next screen.


Now You can either go with the suggested time, or tweak the schedule to your liking. I tend to do the settings show because I like not seeing things, and for it to do it in the middle of the night.

One other thing I do is I go into options and click these two check boxes.

That way it will automatically close the program before it updates and deletes desktop shortcuts, because I hate them. Now you can do what you want as far as those settings go. And in all honestly if you leave things open you might not want to close all programs before update.


Now another thing to keep in mind. You should occasionally open Patch My PC just to see if there’s any other cool software you can install, but if you do this correctly you shouldn’t have to worry about manually updating again.



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