My Web Site Design Resources

My Web Site Design Resources

Free Images

Most of the online work I do is non commercial, although from time to time I do some projects that I’d rather use images that allow me to use them in commercial projects.  This is my current list of places to get images from.

  • Unsplash – This site has a wide variety of high resolution photos for use in all project. Has a lot of categories and collections
  • Life of Pix – Has a large collection of images. They’re sorted by category as well as photographer.
  • Free Nature Stock – Tons of high resolution nature photos that you can search by tags.
  • Magdeleine – A collection of hand picked images sorted by category.
  • Gratisography – Doesn’t have the largest collection of photo but it does have some unique ones.
  • Cupcake – Doesn’t have a ton of images, but there’s some nice ones there.
  • New Old Stock – Has a lot of old vintage photos that free from known copyright restrictions.
  • Pixabay – Has a large assortment of photos, vector images and illustrations. So has more than just photos.
  • Compfight – A search engine for images that uses flicker as it’s source. Not as good as the sources above, but seems to have alot more images to go through.

Web Frameworks

  • Bootstrap 3 CDN – Framework created by Twitter
  • Bootstrap 4  CDN – The Alpha version of the next generation of Bootstrap 3
  • Semantic UI – Another wed design framework similar to bootstrap.
  • Paper.js – A framework for animations that you can add to your website.
  • jQuery CDN – A javascript framework for web design. Pretty much the most well known javascript framework.
  • Underscore.js – A javascript framework for web design.

Web Fonts

  • Google Fonts – A large collection of web fonts that you can use in your website designs.
  • Font Awesome – A font package for a great collection of icons for websites.
  • Fontello – A couple of different icon sets.

Other CSS Tools

  • Perfect Icons – A simple tool to create social icons for your website.
  • Bootstrap Themes – Has a collection of pre- done themes for bootstrap

Website Design Tools

  • Material Design for Bootstrap 4 – This is a great resource for designing with bootstrap 4. You download the skeleton and then use the website to figure out what pieces you’re going to use in your web site.
  • Font Combinations – A simple tool to use to help find a font that will go well with a font you are using on a website.
  • Design Seeds –  A website filled with color pallets based on images, and colors that you can use to help with your website designs.
  • Paletton – A tool to help find new color pallets for websites. Has an examples button that will show you what a website will look like with the colors.
  • uiGradients – A website that has a bunch of gradients for you to go through to get inspired for your website project. Has a button that will give you the css to include as well.

How-tos and Guides I recommend

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