Reboot Script

Reboot Script


Reboot Script

The computers at work at times have issues. Software we run hangs, the machine gets slow, etc. So I use this to reboot the computers every day to basically just get it running fresh for the day.

Here’s the code

 shutdown -r

What you’re going to want to do is copy this into note pad and name it reboot.bat or you can just grab one of the two scripts below. I created the bat file already as well as an exe file. The exe file will run silently.

reboot bat / reboot exe

Then you just have to place it somewhere on your system. I suggest a folder. Then make a scheduled task. If you don’t know how to do that you can check out this link on how to geek.

How to schedule a task on windows 7 – While this doesn’t say windows 10 it is pretty much done the same way.

For those of you that are not up for reading here’s some videos

Windows 7

Windows 10

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